Thursday, March 29, 2012

Subway Art— South Wall Installation: In December of 2011 I was on site for the first phase-installation of the public art piece, I had originally created in 2009, for the NYC MTA -36th Street Subway Station, in Rockaway Beach. Above are some of the blocks that were created in Germany at GLASMALEREI PETERS  and then shipped to NYC after my visit to oversee the initial phase of the creation of the art. Below are shots from the installation.

The final block.

I love how the artisans at GLASMALEREI PETERS interpreted the original art and made the final piece so much better than I could have imagined, but overall, my favorite part of the piece is how the light streams through the piece and plays against the surfaces of the space, as the sun moves across the sky. It's an aspect that was so surprising and unexpected since I've never thought in terms of glass art before. The effect continually varies in intensity and tone throughout the day, creating these very fragile and beautiful illuminations of color throughout the space. Jörn Neumann, the Head of the Creative Department at PETERS told me— "If you create one painting in glass, you have actually created a many thousand paintings. What you see, is a different painting at every moment of the day because of how the movement of the sunlight and atmosphere affect and change the piece continually and throughout".

After the piece is cleaned and the side portions are installed and it's open to the public I'll post shots of the final South Wall section.

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