Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Much fun with concentrated watercolor dyes. "Get Well" card for a friend.
I'm really into these concentrated watercolor dyes for this series. Here's the palette explorations, process photos,and final piece before it's cut from the board and framed for the Affordable Art Fair show-NYC May 6-9.

System Song 2, 19"x25". The colors are much richer and vibrant in person. Check it at the show.
These images are some of the framed pieces that will be shown at the Affordable Art Fair in NYC, May 6-9th.
System Blue 1, 22"x25"

System History 1, 13"x 20"

System Gravity 1, 21x22

System Between 1, 31"x41"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This is the palette used for the piece below which will be shown at the Affordable Art Fair in May. I show this to give some idea of the true colors of the piece as they never really translate and, i think it's cool. I'm thinking that there will be at least 10 pieces in this series.
SYSTEM SONG 1 detail
SYSTEM SONG 1 framed