Tuesday, October 11, 2011

START TO FINISH: Here's a start to finish look at the shirt design created for the N-Spired story. Each new shirt is created by a different artist and is based on a story from their website that has received the most votes. After the shirt is created, a social act is performed, by members of the company, inspired by the story that inspired the shirt design.

 I was asked to create a design for the N-Spired Brand shirt. Stories from the site appear as vignettes in the type. The stories have quite a range, some were funny others were bizarre but all quite moving.

The final art.

A Few of the initial sketch explorations.

Starting the art. 



Close to finish. 
Then scan, Streamline (yes, I use Streamline with OS 9 on an old laptop) and send to Europe.
Note: some of the initial drawings used for the sketches are above the light box.

Job is done, client is happy, on to the next. 
(This is where the hands on, messy, art happens in the studio. Joy.)