Friday, February 22, 2013

Head Snowboards 2013

Here's the final product shots for the 2013 Head snowboard series I worked on with the creative team of Sven Hoffmann @ Design Büro and Christian Wolf @ Head. The art direction was —"They need to tell a story" and was was given total freedom to generate art that was then remixed by the designers at Design Büro. Really thrilled with the result and the co-lab experience. Below are some more product shots and some process stuff. Get one while they are still around.Tis a sweet ride..

I was on the subway when I drew this in one of the my many little travel sketchbooks. It served as the original thoughts for the SheYeti & HeYeti boards.

Process for the He-Yeti art.

Original Tape Art, some Snowflake art on the wall and The Sun below (taken from a loose sketchbook exploration) that was later, heavily, remixed by the amazing crew at Design Büro. You can see the art from last year's He's Evli board hanging behind. Final result—She's Good, Flocka Board-

Pro Rider's Names Art for bottom of the boards.

Last year's She's Evil board I worked on along side this year's He's Evil Board. On a simply perfect day in Vermont this year. Love the ride on this thing. Go ride...