Friday, March 23, 2012

Here's a favorite recent job. It's for an article that explores Ponzi & Pyaramid schemes, how to identify them, their impact and the inherent failures of these ventures for STRATEGIC FINANCE  magazine. Title: Beware of False Profits—The Ponzi Scheme. I was struck by how the article explains that those who perpetrate these ventures are always extremely charismatic individuals. Below is the process.

A couple of the sketches initially presented. Of course, I love the skeleton but it's much too heavy for the publication.

The sketch is printed out and lightly, loosely, transferred to the scratch-board with homemade graphite paper, then inked with a sable brush.

Progress. The sketch is always close by and referred to from time to time.

With the micro/macro elements it's always a bit of back and forth between spontinaety and planning but ultimately thinking in terms of the space being very plastic.

A variety of tools are employed for the scratches. When finished, it's then scanned , contrast is adjusted, the areas for spot color are selected and adjusted then off to the  happy client.

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