Sunday, March 11, 2012

Here's my contribution for the  ADC YOUNG GUNS 10  commemorative poster & launch party on March 13th. The posters will be sold at the party for $25. Go get one!

 My work was featured in the YOUNG GUNS 2 show back in the '90s, sharing the spotlight with such young luminaries as Steve Savage and Tim Okamura. Good times, and great to see so many from that show continually creating outstanding work.

 The direction from ADC was to make some sort of X (for the 10th anniversary) over the YOUTH FADES type that was letter-pressed on the poster. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for a Re-mix or Combines of my work and I could attempt my first Xerox Transfer.

 Below is the process for creating the Transfer image.

The poster as it arrived, with instructions.

The Re-Mix in mid process.
 The original client work was from: Ebony, The Boston Globe, The N-Spired Story, The New York Times and The Washington Post

 The final image, proportional and registered to the poster art.

My favorite part is the consumer goods and bombs raining down on the adults who seem to have emerged from childhood, on the left part of the X, and how that editorial aspect serendipitously took shape out of playing with all the images.

 Next step: Get old school B&W copies of the image (in reverse), tape them together and register the image on the print and tape it down.

A friend recommended using Chartpak Blender Markers, instead of Acetone, to transfer the image. Simply, mark over the back of the copies.


Check to see if any areas need more attention and continue.

The Final reveal.

Final art detail.

Finished, signed, repackaged and ready for delivery to the party.