Friday, April 5, 2013

!What If? Corporate Art

Here's a start to finish look at a Corporate Art piece created for the fine folks at !What If?. The only direction I was given was to consider three prompts that reflected the company's core values and use them as a guide to create an original piece of art that would eventually travel to their international, internal, gallery locations.

Exploring the possibilities for the quote "The Opposite Of Love Is Not Hate, It's Indifference" was the most alluring of the prompts. I had wanted to get into the silkscreen lab for a long time with the intent of creating some really large silkscreens of images from my tiny sketchbooks and thought this would be a great opportunity for this approach. !What If? loved the idea and told me to run with it.

Above is the final silkscreen that was signed as 1/1. After framing, the dimensions are 40"x52".

Below are original tiny sketchbook pages, initial "sketches" (rejected), silkscreen lab shots and a quick shot of the final framed image.

Was a fantastic project to work and a former (very talented) student suggested they consider my work. Good to see former students out in good company, finding their way.

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