Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Agency Group Poster

Above is the on-press, first run, of The Agency Group's informational poster. The poster serves to announces the impressive list of talent they represent in a wide variety of music, creative fields and public speaking and was a giveaway at conventions, for employees and associates. I was approached by MALCONTENT   (Mark Kingsley) to create an image for the front of the poster. There were only two main parameters: 1. Black and white. 2. Has to say The Agency Group on it.

Mark is simply one of my favorite creatives as I worked for his agency Greenberg/Kingsley back in the 90's, right out of art-school, and it's there where I learned most of what I know about presenting a wide range of ideas to clients, how solutions evolve through this process and how a willingness to explore options and accidents may emerge into fully realized, thoughtful and unexpected results.

Initially I though a "Teenage Makeout Session" might be an interesting idea to explore since this was going to be mostly for in-house distribution and the client seemed open to something adventurous that had an impact. The trick was to figure out the line between "Disney" and Tawdry. In the end the idea evolved into a dance-club scene that, to my eye, reminds me of club flyers and posters I loved from the 80's.

Mark picked up the Op-Art patterns from the front for the back of the poster. It brings the whole thing together and makes it sing.

Below are details from the poster, a few of the initially rejected sketches, the approved sketch, proccess shots of refining the sketch and finalizing the art, final PDF images of the poster and video of the press run.

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