Friday, September 2, 2011

Here's the first i've seen of the official Quiksilver PRO France 2011 campaign I collaborated on with David Carson. The shot is from a storefront somewhere in Hossogor, France. No word on if this is the "window set" or if it's a work in progress and the painting will be "finished" like the final art I turned in (see below) .Right now I do love the scrappy bits hung about, as they are some of the campaign presentation David gave over there, but we'll see...
The image is roughly based on old travel posters from that particular area of France from the 30's&40's. I think what they are doing with the campaign it is much more interesting, adventurous and unique than the NYC campaign .David presented ALOT of stuff over there much like the NYC PRO campaign and perhaps we'll see it all some day as it's all really hot.

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