Friday, May 21, 2010

Today my interview on DesignIsMyThing, Facebook site, is posted (link Below). My interview is #100. The site is a Q&A for to various compelling designers and creative types. Cool site/good reads.

In the interview I talk a little about how all the work I do is derived from intuitive experiments in the sketchbooks and how the Micro/Macro stuff is rooted in basic Philosophy 101. This is the original image in my sketchbooks that started the whole thing and below is the Harvard Business Review piece I talk about in the interview. 

I was auditing a Philosophy class for kicks years after my college graduation and the one day the professor was talking about "spheres of justice". I went home and just started working in the sketchbook and above is what came out. I title it The Primordial Sphere Of Justice in the aftermath, made a postcard of it sent it out and that particular direction for my work was born and continues to this day.

Here's the Harvard Business Review piece mentioned in the article. The author of the article was really struck with the image and wound up buying it and the spot illustration. I threw in the drop caps I did for the article because i'm a completist.

 drop caps

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