Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm going to start adding random sketchbook pages to the blog. nothing as ambitious as a page a day sort of thing but i do have thousands of images that no one ever sees unless they request the books, stop by the studio or happen to catch a lecture of mine. I used to drop off the sketchbooks with my portfolio and folks really loved rummaging through them. This usually resulted in an image or two being sold directly out of the books but these days portfolio calls are so rare as the web basically functions as a portfolio. Once, Metallica requested my sketchbooks so i sent them off hoping they'd have some Yagermeister spilled on 'em...but they just broke lock on the carrying case and asked me to submit art for St. Anger (my solution was sooooo much cooler then what they went with. i'll post those images and that story some day as it's rather rock & roll story... ;). These are from a Molkskine travel sk-book.

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